Wordoid: hands down the best way to find a unique name for your new product or website.

Wordoid: hands down the best way to find a unique name for your new product or website.

picture-185This is a jewel of a web app.

I may sound a little over zealous here but its primarily due to the fact that I’ve been scouring my brain over recent weeks for a unique name for a small project I’m working on, but to no avail, i’m still struggling.

Within about 10 minutes of using wordoid, I’d found the ‘perfect’ name and I’m delighted with it  (no, I’m not sharing it here just yet :])

So how does wordoid make the magic happen? Well, it gives you a number of awesome options to make finding that brand./product/URL a breeze.

Firstly, you can select from English, Spanish, French and Italian languages. Secondly, you can select whether you’d like the word results to be completely random or based on a specific selection of letters placed at the start, middle or end.

Finally, you can also choose whether you’d like the word to look natural, almost natural or hardly natural – a wonderful little feature.

“I’d like an example”, you say? Well, lets say I’m looking for a word to include the word ‘zee’ for a new site all about me. I select the language, English, I then select the fact that I’d like the ‘wordoid’ to include zee somewhere in there and, finally, I’d like it to look almost natural.


Wordoid then does a quick search and in seconds produces page after pages of potentials, along with the uniqueness of the word and its .com availability. Marvellous, don’t you think? This is bound to give brand naming companies a run for their money.

My one minor gripe with the product is it took me a few moments to establish where the search button was. After completing the form to the right of the page, you have to divert your eyes to the top left to actually search. Aside from that and a curiosity regarding its business model, it’s a wonderfully powerful little app.

Give it a try yourself, hours of fun.

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