Google Search Suggest updates. Google manages to sneak some ads in.

Google Search Suggest updates. Google manages to sneak some ads in.

Google Suggest has updated to include top level search results, results from your search history, the ability to remove suggestions from your search history but most significantly ads.

Google explains:

“Similar to the navigational suggestions, sometimes we detect that the most relevant completion for what you’re typing is an ad. When an ad is shown, we mark it with the text “Sponsored Link” and a colored background, as on the results page.”

This introduces an entire new product line for Google, one that doesn’t disrupt the user but provides advertisers and Google with another spot of lucrative advertising space. You’ve got to give the search giant credit where its due, it’s a clever move, primarily because its a blatant ‘win win win’ situation for user, Google and their devoted advertisers.

Another neat little update sees Google have introduce “navigational suggestions” which show the site your most likely looking for without having to actually search for it. For example, when searching for Google Calendar, you can simply click on the top results in the suggested results without the need to actually view any further search results. Not a game changer by any means, but a time save? Indeed.


We’ve still yet to see Google introduce suggestions into iGoogle, something which I’m eagerly awaiting.

Image Credit: Google OS

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