Unique inbox organisation features coming to Gmail

Unique inbox organisation features coming to Gmail

Passionate Google news and tip blog, Google OS, have spotted an interesting bit of GMail code that suggests some unique organisation features are on the way.


Titled “Magic Inbox” or “Icebox Inbox”, the concept is reportedly based on a RarePlay report that explains the possibility of mapping out relationships between email parties and ordering them by priority based on incoming/outgoing email traffic, speed and frequency of replies.

More digging into GMail’s code suggests that we will soon be able to organise our inbox’s based on this level of priority.


As cool as this may sound, removing the “on behalf of” and ordering by date are more obvious priorities in my opinion. Whilst automatigically ordering by priority may be interesting to try out, manual organisation of my email so I know exactly where everything is at a given time, makes me sleep easier. Of course, I am likely to bite my tongue once the feature is released.

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