Amplifeeder: A Distributed Social Activity Aggregator

Amplifeeder: A Distributed Social Activity Aggregator

picture-147With a personal blog, a Flickr account and Twitter you could say that my online identity is all over the place.

My blog does show my last 5 tweets and a random selection of Flickr photos but the main thing you notice when you visit it is that I haven’t been regularly blogging lately. IT simply isn’t a good representation of all my activities online. It looks like we are all waiting for a new format to bring all our online content together in one place.

Is FriendFeed the solution?
The next version of WordPress maybe?
Will Facebook solve our problems by integrating all?

Nobody really knows.

Amplifeeder (‘a distributed social activity aggregator’) hopes to offer a solution to at least combine all your feeds in one screen. You could describe it as a meta search engine for your own stuff. It pulls data from FriendFeed, Twitter, Flickr, your blog, any RSS feed and a few other sources and displays them on one page. Voila; your own Lifestream.

As a test I have set-up my own Lifestream page at

As you can see it all works just fine. Not surprisingly as the technology to pull in feeds is not very complicated. Amplifeeder offers an easy to use Dashboard where you can choose different templates and adjust your settings. It even shows me some basic stats so I know what I’m spending too much time on.


Conclusion: I don’t see myself abandoning my blog OR putting the address of my Lifestream on my business cards on anything like that. But Amplifeeder is a nice effort to solve the problem of scattered personal content.

The downside? you’ll need to have access to a server to install this bad boy.
The good news? Your in complete control.

You have nothing to lose by setting up your own Lifestream there so why not give it a try?

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