25% of all Brits use their laptop or mobiles in bed. Do you?

25% of all Brits use their laptop or mobiles in bed. Do you?

picture-136According to a survey conducted by data security company Credant, 25% of all Brits use laptops or mobiles in bed.

57 per cent of bed workers work in there for “between 2 and 6 hours every week,” and it should come as no surprise that “their bed companions found their partners’ obsession with their mobiles ‘a very annoying habit’.”

“A staggering 8% of people admitted that they spend more time on their mobile devices during the evening than talking to their partners!”

The survey was based on the responses of just 300 city workers however, so the results are likely to a little skewed.

Despite this, I must admit to not feeling all that surprised, partly because my partner has a (fortunate) habit of falling asleep rather fast, often leaving me staring at the white ceiling. Without my iPhone, ebooks and podcasts, falling asleep would be awfully long and painful process, primarily because I’d be left with just my thoughts! :)

What are your nightly or morning rituals? Do you pull out your iPhone, mobile or laptop minutes before or after sleep?

image courtesy of LapDawg.

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