Free Wifi comes to (parts of) the UK. Hurrah!

Free Wifi comes to (parts of) the UK. Hurrah!

freerunner_web_logofree_wi_fi_spotA new free  Wi-Fi service called FreeRunner launches today in the UK bringing free WiFi to individuals across the North East of the country.

Founded by wireless heavyweights Owen Geddes, Matt Heiman and Louise Pargetter, the company has solid experience within virtually every major wireless service provider in the UK. Along with an impressive pedigree, the startup has initial funding from NorthStar Equity – on face value at least – they appear to know what they’re doing.

So how does it work?

The service, provides free broadband access to individuals by installing free to use access points in public and commercial venues. Freerunner can be installed in community-oriented venues, such as public spaces, libraries, transport hubs, community centres and schools will receive the service completely free of charge.

In commercial venues, free access will be funded by the venue – but at supposedly a third of current costs from other operators like the cloud, T-Mobile and BT Openzone.

In Freerunner’s own words:

” You get free wireless broadband, in return the people paying for you, want to show the odd advert or get you to buy a cup of coffee. “

The company formally launches at the The Wireless Event, Olympia, London today.

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