Mozilla Labs Design Challenge: Reinventing Tabs in the Browser

Mozilla Labs Design Challenge: Reinventing Tabs in the Browser

mozilla-design-challengeThe Mozilla Labs Design Challenge Summer ’09 is looking for creative solutions to reinvent browser tabs.

These days 20+ parallel sessions on a browser are quite common. The browser is more of an operating system than a data display application. And tabs don’t work well if you use them with heterogeneous information.

But, looking at the brighter side, this solves the problem of having multiple browser application windows which usually clutter the task bar. However, having tabs across the top of the application window doesn’t make that much sense, especially as the number of open pages increases.

The Question

Reinventing Tabs in the Browser – How can we create, navigate and manage multiple web sites within the same browser instance?

To participate in the design challenge you need to create a mockup of your proposed solution. A mockup can be anything from a wireframe, a drawing or a polished graphic. You also need to create a video explaining your idea(s), presenting the mockup and showing how your idea works.

To get you started, to inspire your thinking and to give you a faster insight, check out this presentation on visualizing browser tabs by TabViz

To check out further details on the design challenge click here.

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