Sneak peak at new OS X Snow Leopard features (video)

Sneak peak at new OS X Snow Leopard features (video)

YouTube user LeopardOctober has posted a number of videos giving an overview of the soon to be released Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Although we have embedded a couple of the videos for your below, LeopardOctober has unfortunately disabled embedding on a number of the best videos so I highly recommend you visit his YouTube channel to view them.

The new OS is expected to be released at WWDC on June the 8th.

Finder Preferences: When performing a search you can, search this Mac, search the current folder or use the previous search scope.

Dock and Substitutions: Assign an application to a space or all spaces, quickly from within the Dock. “Substitutions,” an OS-wide feature.


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