Next in Search: Spezify?

Next in Search: Spezify?

It is hard to imagine, even for a second, that we’ll ever forget about Google and all start using a new search engine. But that is exactly what happened in 2003 when we all forgot about Yahoo, Lycos and AltaVista. If history is any indication within 10 years we WILL be using something else other than Google to search. Do you believe it?

I know, it takes a very large leap of faith to believe it but experiments like Spezify do make me wonder what the ‘Next’ big thing will be. Spezify is a visual search engine that collects search results, arranges them on a desktop and allows you to drag around that desktop. It feels more like spreading out old photos and articles on a big desk and shuffling them around than what you are used to with regular search.

Spezify is currently in beta and you can test it here:

Spezify - inspired search

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