Google adds new features to search.

Google adds new features to search.

During their annual Searchology event, Google announced a number of new updates to their core search product as well as a couple of new side projects.


Users will now be able to filter results by content time, date, type, media, forum discussions, reviews and more. Whilst much of this has been available to users via Google’s advanced search page, the new features will be built into the core product offering.

Google will also offer the ability to view search results visually in a “wonder wheel” which illustrates the popularity of certain search terms and their related items.

Marissa Mayer has specified real time search to be Google’s most pressing and difficult challenge. Interestingly, startups OneRiot and Tweetmeme have made it their focus to search and index the real time web beginning with Twitter (neither of which are really real time search).


Google Squared

Google has also announced the launch of a Google Labs product called ‘Google Squared’ which lets users search for a particular topic and reveals a list of all information related to the topic – a vertical search engine of sorts. Results to Google Squares are presented so users can easily filter and remove certain results, leaving only the content you were looking for. Google Squared will launch in the next few weeks.

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