Twitter down. Friendfeed down. Where did you go?

Twitter down. Friendfeed down. Where did you go?

twitter_vs_friendfeed_ijustineTwitter went down today, this time round it was scheduled and the plan was to be back up and running an hour later. Sure enough, Twitter was up an hour later but down a few moments after and still is at the time of writing.

Friendfeed, my usual first choice, but most peoples Twitter alternative then decided to go down and quite possibly the most inappropriate time. MG Siegler over at TechCrunch discovered via Friendfeed co-founder Bret Taylor that the site has lose contact with its data center.

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The question is, what are the serious alternatives for all the tech heads out there? Facebook is one I suppose, but just never attracts me unless I’m looking to catch up with offline friends. Plurk is another alternative but sadly people seem to have abandoned the site. Flickr I guess? What ever happened to Virb?

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