How to hide your follower count on Twitter

How to hide your follower count on Twitter

Several people have argued that Twitter should remove the follower counts from their user profiles. Showing that number gives it undeserved attention and stimulates people to get more and more followers instead of focusing on content and relationships.

I don’t necessarily agree but I do think this is an interesting discussion.

Of course you can’t really delete the follower count from your profile and the changes are slim that Twitter will ever do it for you. Now Christine Lu (9422 Followers) has come up with an simple and elegant trick to hide her follower count, and almost all the other info in the sidebar too.

Simply make your sidebar text color the same as your sidebar background color and everything will be unreadable. Check it out:

Christine Lu (christinelu) on Twitter

Having no readable text there certainly sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately your description becomes ineligible too. The URL is still readable so you better make that as descriptive as possible if you should decide to go for this trick.

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