With 1 click Friendfeed introduces the art of conversation to Twitter

With 1 click Friendfeed introduces the art of conversation to Twitter

The team at Friendfeed, in one fell swoop, have made conversation a much easier concept to digest for Twitterers the world over.

It’s no secret, attempting a conversation on Twitter is a painfully frustrating process, usually cut short by concerns over flooding your followers streams. It’s a wonderful place, but lets face it, attempting real conversation is equal to shouting across a crowded room.


Friendfeed, known for it’s lifestreaming and content oriented discussion, have added one click OAuth login for Twitter users making it painless to both join and comment on peoples shares. This, along with Facebook and Google login/signup, leaves virtually every web savvy user with a Friendfeed account ready and waiting. The news is going to be particularly good for Friendfeeders like Robert Scoble who send their posts through to Twitter.

There are bound to still be complaints from Twitter users who find the entire commenting elsewhere process a hindrance, but with any luck they’ll realise the virtues of Friendfeed and adjust. Friendfeed also provides functionality to share comments through

Along with easy login, the feature automatically finds all your Twitter friends on Friendfeed, imports your profile info as well asa your profile picture – it really doesn’t get much easier than that.

I do however still hope for deeper integration with Twitter, and not to forget Facebook, to the point where using Friendfeed as a client for both comes naturally. Once there, Friendfeed has the potential to become the webs social hub, surpassing what desktop clients such as Seesmic Desktop, Eventbox and Nambu are attempting to do.

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