Hate AutoDM’s on Twitter? I do. Here’s how to block them.

Hate AutoDM’s on Twitter? I do. Here’s how to block them.

It’s been, without any hesitation, THE most frustrating aspect of Twitter for me. The persistent autoDM’s telling me how grateful they are for my follow and how I should go check out their blog, or tell them how I found them.


To this day, I don’t understand it and to say it makes my blood boil when I receive one, is an understatement.

Why do I despise them so much? Probably for the same reason others do, it takes that bit of time out of my day to check that email and discover that it’s full of (pardon my French) shit and then unfollow the person.  Sure, I could turn off all notifications, but then I’m blocking out all the genuine DM’s that come through.

picture-25Anyhow, there is a savior and it comes in the form of SocialToo. SocialToo “your companion to the social web” is a web app devoted to providing various tools for sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Identi.ca. One of the tools available, for free, is an option to block all auto DM’s from services that provide them. See, it’s these third party services that let people create AutoDM’s and they should be blocked – permanently. I’m not linking to a single one of them because they’re not getting any attention, at least not from me.

Ok, so before I start losing my hair. Block all auto DM’s with Social Too.

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