Rejaw, Twitter’s slicker rival, is shutting down.

Rejaw, Twitter’s slicker rival, is shutting down.

rejaw-logoRejaw, the awesome microblogging client, is sadly shutting up shop in just one month’s time.

Rejaw launched in August 2008, describing itself as “a new way to chat with your friends, family, and coworkers.”  Combining short, Twitter-like messages with instant updates via custom push technology, Rejaw appeared to have a lot going for it.

Unfortunately, the fanfare it received upon launch was short lived and a little over six months later, Rejaw is closing down.

On May 16th, an email with export data download instructions will be sent to users who requested it, and you will have until May 31st to download your exported data.

Rejaw joins Pownce in the micro-blogging afterlife.

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