Barack Obama’s Twitter account was hacked on the 5th January…and other interesting Twitter facts.

Barack Obama’s Twitter account was hacked on the 5th January…and other interesting Twitter ...

twitter-iconEarlier today we posted a number of screenshots of Twitter’s admin panel. Interestingly, a number of notable fact nuggets were discovered. With help from a few friends we have compiled a list of some of the most interesting, if you discover any more, be sure to let us know via @zee or @thenextweb on twitter.

A few neat little facts from the screenshots:

  • Featured users can be added by simply adding a username. (not by automatically generated by algorithm)
  • The screenshots were of Jason Goldman’s, Twitter’s product manager, Twitter account.
  • There are a total of 187 featured users
  • A 126 update per day limit (via LouisGray)
  • A 250 direct messages per day limit (via LouisGray)
  • A 1,000 favorites per day limit (via LouisGray)
  • Britney Spears is blocked by 3855 users
  • Ashton Kutcher Joined Jan 16th…in just over 4 months – he’s gained over 1.5 million followers.
  • A useful list of Twitter hints can be found here.
  • Ashton Kutcher blocks PerezHilton
  • LilyRoseAllen blocks PerezHilton
  • Barack Obama blocks 96 Twitterers
  • Barack Obama’s account was hacked on the 5th January 2009

Other interesting stats, not from the screenshots.

  • 1,382% year-over-year growth in February 2009.
  • Total unique visitors grew from 475,000 in February 2008 to seven million last month.
  • Twitter is the fastest growing member community site for the month of February.
  • Zimbio (240%) and Facebook (228%) were the second and third-fastest growing online communities.
  • Twitter is not just for kids: In February 2009, adults ages 35-49 had the largest representation on Twitter – almost 3 million unique visitors from this age group (almost 42% of the entire audience).
  • 62% of the audience access Twitter from work only, while only 35% access it only from home – watch out for those, “Twitter is killing our productivity at work” articles to start flowing out of the mass media any day now.
  • It’s all about mobile: In January 2009, 735,000 unique visitors accessed Twitter via their mobile device.
  • The average unique visitor went to Twitter 14 times during the month.
  • They spent an average of 7 minutes on the site.
  • In Q4 2008, 812,000 unique users sent or received Twitter text messages (via AT&Tor Verizon cell phones).
  • The average tweet per person for the quarter was nearly 240.

Thanks to LouisGray, SimonWicks and Six Pixels of Separation for their help compiling these.

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