Reddit launches Reddit.TV

Reddit launches Reddit.TV

Conde-nast owned Reddit, the digg-like news sharing site, has launched Reddit.TV, a way to view video shared on the site without a need to leave the site itself.

Similar to Stumbleupon’s StumbleVideo, the site is neatly arranged with video categories to the left of the video and a “I’m bored” button above which displays a random  video of interest.

I’m not sure whether its the quality of their algorithm’s or the quality of Reddit’s members’ taste, but the videos I’ve been watching so far via “i’m bored” have been fantastic.

Additionally, the video’s appear from all over the web, from TED to Vimeo to Youtube.

Here’s a video demonstrating how the site works:

and here’s a favorite I’ve just found whilst browsing the site (if you’re easily offended PLEASE don’t watch this):

via CenterNetworks via NewTeeVee

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