flickery: a slick Flickr desktop app for the Mac

flickery: a slick Flickr desktop app for the Mac

flickeryI’d like to first come clean and establish one important fact, I am not a Flickr fan.  Fret not however, I’m not going to launch into a rant about the popular photo sharing site just yet, I’ll save that for another post.

Irrespective of my Flickr qualms, I do have a pro account and I accept (for now) it’s here to stay, and the more tools available to make the most out of it, the better. Today, a jewel of an app fell into my lap (via Smoking Apples), a desktop Flickr app called flickery. The application makes browsing, navigating, sharing and utilizing Flickr, a far less troublesome process.


With a familiar two pane window, you can browse your photo stream,  favorites, contacts recent photos and groups as if the photos were stored locally. Photos can be viewed larger by pressing the space bar, or in gorgeous full screen by pressing cmd-enter. You can download images to your desktop or add them directly to iPhoto via a click of a button. Sharing photos is just as easy, select the photos you’d like to share and you can share them via email, iChat or Twitter.

Searching  photos is also straight forward, but limited to 30 and can’t be ordered by ‘interestingness’. You can search your own photos with ease, as well as other selected users.



Uploading photos is expectedly simple. You can drag and drop images from finder, take an iSight photo or take a screenshot. I couldn’t seem to establish how to upload photos to a particular set, instead I had to drag and drop photos to a set after uploading. This is probably a good time to note that you can in fact copy, drag, cut and paste in Flickry.


Wonderful. Giving the organisational capacity of Flickr,  Flickery really does the best it can to make ordering your photos a breeze.  The drag and drop functionality is what sells it, but the UI and speed of the application is a worthy mention. Above all, at $20, I’d probably play double to save myself from attempting to sort and share photos via my account Flickr.com.

Give it a try with a 15 trial at FlickerApp.com

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