Dutch university secures €2.5million to develop new operating system

Dutch university secures €2.5million to develop new operating system

unix_plateThe European Research Council have granted a Dutch University €2.5 Million to continue developing a Unix-type operating system. The new operating system aims to be more reliable, stable and secure than Linux or Microsoft Windows.

According to a computer science professor at Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands, the recipients of the fund with include three researchers and two programmers, and will allow further research into a making the operating system capable of fixing itself when a bug is detected.

“Whilst on other operating system crashes usually hang up the machine, the new OS is designed so drivers operate like applications outside of the kernel, which means if they crash, the computer will carry on. The concept is called a “microkernel” rather than its opposite, a monolithic kernel.”  Tanenbaum said.

The funding will allow research to continue for five more years.

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