u.nu : The shortest URL shortener. Period.

u.nu : The shortest URL shortener. Period.


If there’s anything u.nu has going for it, it’s its URL, it’s short..very very short. It works exactly the same way other short URL services work (minus the bookmarklet).

Visit the site, enter the URL you’re looking to shorten and voila the shortest short URL you’re liking to come across, e.g. http://u.nu/6e.

Although it doesn’t provide the quality of analytics you’ll find with short URL services such as bit.ly and is.gd but by entering a “?” after the short u.nu URL (e.g. http://u.nu/6e?).  you’ll see a few basic stats such as original URL, date created and number of times used.

Via the Apps Room on Friendfeed, i’ve also discovered there’s r.im and a.gd

Whilst we’re on the topic of short URL’s, I highly recommend reading our post on the industry here.

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