Homework Assignment: Female Anatomy

Homework Assignment: Female Anatomy

Aah yes, kids…

The image here is pretty funny but also makes you wonder about how to deal with children online. My 7 year old daughter has a profile on a Social Network and is connected with every child in her class. How should I talk to here about the opportunities AND dangers of the online world. Should school have a separate course on it? Are the teachers active on social networks? And how about Sex education? One look at BangBros will taint her ideas about sex forever. And unfortunately not in a very positive way either.

It is clear that the Internet and the World Wide Web will play an even more important part in the lives of our children than it will ever do in ours. How should schools and parents prepare their children for that? How do you do it?

Having said that, the image below STILL managed to bring a smile to my face:


Thanks to @shamhardy for the tip.

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