Nicolay Yaremko: “Exploring doors from future webs”

Nicolay Yaremko: “Exploring doors from future webs”

There is a border of screens dividing our lives. The web of things welcomes us to the world of ominipresent digital ether (as a form of augmented reality.) Yaremko offers us a different way to think about ubiqutous computing through the concept of origami cards made from electronic paper for only 1-5 dollars a piece.The Next Web It is not a personal device but a medium for communication as you can share them with others. You will have plenty of cards and you will see more of the world through these cards.

They may be used in healthcare and carry receipts, diagnosis reports and prescriptions. As avatar cards they represent the next generation of business cards. They fit into your wallet and include your cv and deep details. The origami cards allow you to see, capture and interact with information from Digital Ether.

The future has a “Wiki” nature and is developed through processes of collaboration. Read more about this project on the The Atlas of the Futures website:

Wiki-future is a project where we create our futures together, in an ongoing collaboration with each other. Together we try to recognize the weak signals of the coming times, make sense of the new manifestations, and get insights into possible realities of the future.

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