ConfNetwork Keyword Trends for The Next Web

ConfNetwork Keyword Trends for The Next Web


Every visitor to The Next Web Conference has a profile on our special event social network. One part of their profile is a “I’m providing” and ‘I’m looking for” list of items they can check or uncheck.

Based on those tags we actively match people during the conference and set up meetings. This tool is one of the reasons that so many deals are done and the why conference is known for its great networking.

We took a good look at the tags this morning and can spot a few interesting trends:

  • 31% of all attendees are looking for “partnerships”
  • The demand for Mobile Web & app development is twice as high as the supply. Opportunities there!
  • With Web development it is the other way around with more supply than demand.
  • iPhone development is a rising star. There is three times as much demand as supply for that.
  • No one seems to be interested in “Blogging skills” but we do have over 12% offering just that. Oops.
  • No economic downturn in our sector apparently with 50 people offering “Full time jobs” and only 25 people looking for one.

Unfortunately there is a problem with “Free Beer”: A lot of people (38%) are looking for “free beer” but only 22% is offering it. Oh well…

Sign-in to the network here if you haven’t done that already and make sure you enter a few tags yourself:

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