FIVE reasons why you don’t want to miss The Next Web

FIVE reasons why you don’t want to miss The Next Web

Easter is over, it is time to get back to work, do business, meet new people and have fun.
You could do that in your home town, or you could join the most web savvy crowd you can find in Europe, do business there and have fun with your peers (and competitors).
If you’re still doubting if you should book your flight or if you should tell your fiancee that he/she should join you in Amsterdam (or miss you for some days), then let me give you 5 reasons to convince yourself:

1. We have great, inspiring, and approachable speakers
2. We have a 360 schedule for you throughout the whole conference
3. The Next Web is the place to do business with the international tech scene (over 30 nationalities)
4. You’ll see a lot of new stuff and the launching of companies
5. The future of the web and your company will be defined here

6. You get access to all people attending The Next Web via our business network
7. Every night there is at least one (networking) party
8. Your competitors are going as well
9. I give you a “100% 3 days you’ll never forget guarantee”
10. You won’t have to explain all year why you weren’t at The Next Web
11. I’ll buy you a beer (many beers actually)
12. We love you

I’m super excited about the coming week. It is going to be a long week, but hey… sleep is overrated!

See you in Amsterdam @thenextweb

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