Bring an original souvenir from Amsterdam next week

Bring an original souvenir from Amsterdam next week

Sure, you could buy a pair of wooden shoes and maybe even some Delfts Blauw dishes. But why not go for these handmade iPhone sleeves available at The Next Web Conference (bought your ticket yet?).

My sister Ellemijn (@ellemijn) spent the last few weeks in this chair working on a collection of iPhone sleeves. Surrounded by her MacBook and iPhone and a whole lot of cotton she hand-knitted crochet every one of them and will be selling them for € 15 a piece during the conference.

If you want to have your own design (names, hearts and maybe even favicons, logos, avatars?) she charges € 25 for simple stuff and will give you an estimate for more dificult stuff. The current collection is available is a whole range of colors and designs. Some are adorned with bells, beads and or lucky puppets.

She also has more simple design aimed and tough guys who don’t need lucky puppets.

UPDATE: these sleeves aren’t knitted but crochet. There is a huge difference of course. Right? Right. Sorry @Ellemijn!

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