Leadjini offers ‘anonymous’ lead generation widgets

Leadjini offers ‘anonymous’ lead generation widgets

Getting actual contact from web sites has always been a troublesome area for three important reasons – people hate filling in forms, people are wary of getting a lot of marketing junk when they fill in forms, and those forms can’t always integrate easily with a customer / lead management database.

These are three problem areas that Leadjini plans to solve with one solution. Firstly, it allows you to set up and embed custom enquiry forms onto your web site easily. Secondly, it allows those filling in the forms to remain anonymous from the company they are contacting (using leadjini as the intermediary). Thirdly, it allows clever management of contacts through a web-based database and contact management system.

The service is currently in beta, but is fully functional, and there are a range of different service levels at different monthly costs, including a single-widget free account. I set up an account in 30 seconds, created a widget and added it to a blog in less than five minutes, and was able to see the results of completing the form there instantly, with an email straight to my inbox, and in my online lead manager.

The lead manager is relatively simple at present, as no sorting, exporting or filtering are currently in place. Some enhanced form options might be desirable, but the ‘anonymous enquiry’ option may certainly serve to increase response rates for certain types of enquiries. The issue of form spam is not currently addressed with any captcha or other ‘human-only’ devices, and this may be a stumbling block for some.

However, Leadjini certainly works well, and checked out perfectly in three separate browser tests. It is a fast, easy and painless way to gather contact details reliably from a web page, and then have them stored in an easy to access and simple to update online database. More sophistication might be required of the lead manager, but I have to assume that is likely to be catered for in further releases, and in paid options.

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