New Hidden Experimental Tumblr Feature. “Question and Answers”.

New Hidden Experimental Tumblr Feature. “Question and Answers”.


Tumblr, the tumblelogs platform, have released a neat little Question and Answers facility.

Simply end your post title with a “?” and instead of comments, people can leave you answers to your question. It’s uncertain whether the feature will lead to a section of the site devoted to it. What’s more likely is that someone thought it would be a bit of fun to try out and they’ll see how things go from there! :)

Whilst I still can’t convince myself to commit to Tumblr, mainly because of the awful search rankings for most tumblr blogs (try finding the official Tumblr blog via Google)’s definitely a neat little feature all the same.

via Kristian Salonen in the Apps room on Friendfeed.

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