Gmail gets Google Analytics

Gmail gets Google Analytics

Last week, Google Apps users were handed a new feature: Google Analytics for Google Apps. The idea behind the introduction, was to allow organisations to track internal usage of the various Google Apps; Sites, Docs and Gmail.


Today, Analytics is being rolled out amongst standard GMail users too. According to Digital Inspiration, the feature will provide some basic information about email recipients with no support for ‘read receipts’ (which secretly I would like).

To try out the feature, enable it via GMail labs then visit your General tab an type in your Google Analytics Web ID which reads something like UA-1234567-y. To get the id, you’ll need to create a separate profile in Google Analytics.

The extent of the tracking is uncertain and will only become apparent after a few hours of testing. I’m not sure whether the feature tracks emails to Yahoo or Hotmail addresses for example. It’s an interesting new update though it must be said, let’s see what people’s reactions are like over the next few days.

note: some Gmail accounts have apparently yet to see the option enabled. Keep checking!

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