The most reliable and unreliable blogging services…surveyed.

The most reliable and unreliable blogging services…surveyed.

A self hosted blog can bring great control and customization options, however for many of us, it also brings hassle. Thankfully there are plenty of hosted options out there that make launching, writing and managing a blog, a piece of cake.

RoyalPingdom monitored all major blogging platforms for a 4 month period, aiming to discover the most reliable – in terms of uptime – services out there.

The services were tested over the last four months and each services homepage was checked every minute from two different locations. They were judged to be ‘down’ whenever the site wouldn’t load within 30 seconds or returned an error code.


In all fairness, the uptime for most of the services is impressive, particularly with the most popular blogging services backed by major players; Typepad, Blogger and WordPress.  The two most notable downtimes were 13h 50m and 1d 12h from LiveJournal and respectively. had a particularly January period which account for the considerably poor downtime.

As RoyalPingdom point out, it’s interesting to note that both TypePad and, share considerably different uptime figures despite being owned by the same company, SixApart.

It’s worthwhile noting that the survey monitored just the homepages of each service rather than every individual blog hosted by it. However, we can safely assume if the homepage is down, the rest of the site is likely to be too.

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