Salesforce integrates Twitter into its service cloud

Salesforce integrates Twitter into its service cloud is a web based customer relationship management system used by more 19,000 customers and 351,000 paying subscribers. Used mainly small to medium sized businesses, the service helps manage contacts, sales cycles and post-sales relationships with their customers.

A recently released extension to the service is its Service Cloud, a tool that allows businesses to monitor and coordinate conversations about their product or service across forums, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs and now, you guessed it, Twitter.


The new integration allows businesses to search twitter for mentions about their products/services, find and track conversations, track growth and easily create a database of each in their Service Cloud. Once these conversations are part of the SalesForce Service Cloud, businesses can combine these with other mentions across other networks and communities, establish connections, share knowledge across teams and most importantly, completely integrate customer service departments into the cloud.

For businesses and customers alike, we should see drastic improvements to customer service and feedback alike thanks to Twitter. With integrations on large scale customer service platforms such as SalesForce however, these improvements should be both slick, drastic and immediate.

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