Two awesome ways to check your website for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Two awesome ways to check your website for spelling and grammatical mistakes. is an Australian startup aiming to rid the web of  spelling mistakes. The service monitors websites at regular intervals for mistakes and provides reports that include recommendations and suggested corrections.

I tested the basic service myself and was impressed by the various views and options provided once your scan was complete. Mistakes are categorised as “Likely”, “Possible” or “Unlikely’ and you can view them all either by URL, in a word list or by actually browsing through the site with potential mistakes highlighted.

Scans of your website can be scheduled based on intervals set, however you are given limited numbers of scans per month based on your payment plan. Payment plans also vary according to the number of pages your site contains. A free plan is available which allows for 5 scans per month for websites up to 20 pages, all the way through to unlimited scans per month for websites up to 15000 pages which costs $267/month.


Many of you reading this will wonder why even bother using a service like this when most browsers and HTML editors already include spell checkers. The truth is, you’re right – for smaller sites – this may appear pointless. However, for larger websites with multiple editors, a lot of third party content (such as e-commerce sites) and for sites managed by non-native speakers… this could be particularly useful, and are banking on it.

picture-275However, at this point, I do want to draw your attention to another similar service that in contrast to – crowd sources your websites spelling AND grammar mistakes. The service is called GooseGrade, we use it at TheNextWeb, have reviewed it in the past and can’t recommend it highly enough. GooseGrade allows you, the readers, to make spelling and/or grammatical corrections to posts and sends them our way. Each user who recommends a correction  has their own accuracy rating based on how many of their corrections are accepted.

To get GooseGrade working you just need add a few lines of code to your site and you’re good to go.

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