iPhone Applications Can Now Integrate Facebook Connect.

iPhone Applications Can Now Integrate Facebook Connect.

picture-111Facebook today announced the availability of Facebook Connect for the iPhone. The release will allow iPhone developers to easily connect you to your (Facebook) friends via their applications.

The feature will work similar to the web based version. Any iPhone app with Facebook connect integration will let you login with your Facebook account and make it a breeze to find and connect to your Facebook friends. You will also of course be able to share your actions with your Facebook friends.

Interestingly, you will also be able to keep the same privacy settings that you have set on Facebook.com for those particular friends.

Launch partners include games like “Who has the Biggest Brain” and Urbanspoon, an iPhone app that lets you randomly find restaurants nearby, and movie-reviews app Flixster.

According to the Facebook Blog, many more applications featuring the integration will be available in App Store over the coming days.

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