Exclusive: Socialmedian reveals live Facebook Connect integration

Exclusive: Socialmedian reveals live Facebook Connect integration

A NEXT WEB EXCLUSIVE: Amsterdam, Feb-13-2009 17:15: – Socialmedian, the ‘friend-filtered news service’ which was purchased by business social network Xing AG in December last year (another Next Web exclusive), has revealed that it will be using Facebook Connect as the “preferred way to login and participate on socialmedian”


The Next Web managed to speak directly with Jason Goldberg, CEO of socialmedian and VP of Applications at Xing.

Q: Why Facebook Connect?

A:“The simple why is that Facebook is the Internet’s coffee shop. The conversation takes place on Facebook. We went with Facebook Connect as a simple way to give users easy sign-on to socialmedian plus all the benefits of instant sharing with their Facebook network.”

socialmedian: facebook connect unveiled - the next web exclusive - Click for full size image

“With Facebook Connect, people can join socialmedian using their existing Facebook account and then automatically share news with their Facebook contacts.”

Goldberg also indicated that the socialmedian team is also currently in live testing of variations of the socialmedian service running on Xing, but when pressed, declined to comment beyond that. “We have a number of applications in live user testing on Xing right now. More news on that coming soon.”

You know where to come for the next web news – and if you cant wait until Monday, see the ‘socialmedian Today‘ tab at social|median.

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