Tweetmeme adds Channels for SXSW, Startups, Google & ETech

Tweetmeme adds Channels for SXSW, Startups, Google & ETech

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Tweetmeme, the Twitter links aggregator from, yesterday launched a new feature to help track news, and for a twitter tool, the concept is actually very ‘retro’ – because it’s channels.

In Tweetmeme, each channel is a set of rules defined by keywords + #hashtags – and any any story which matches those rules get put into that channel. In essence, Tweetmeme is reporting popular links that are ‘retweeted’ on Twitter – acting as a bellweather for trending content in real-time. CEO Nick Halstead told The Next Web that they will be adding lots more channels over the coming days. He’s looking for feedback and proof-of-concept, and he’s aware that some features and nuances may still be missing but he “wanted to get the idea out there and see how people used it”.

The 4 channels created so far are: —

  3. and

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As reported last month at The Next Web, Techmeme’s tweetmeme button is now active on enough blogs and web pages that they have had to mount another server to deal with the workload – they report that their traffic doubled just yesterday.

PS: Bored on the train? Try the mobile version of Techmeme here:

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