– An interesting way to get people to retweet you on twitter – An interesting way to get people to retweet you on twitter

I know many of you must be sick of these Twitter apps, but heck – it’s a sign of the times. This little app is as simple as it gets but might be the most effective!

Before we continue, I better explain what a Retweet is for those of you unaware. Retweets, are like forwarding on interesting emails except in this case it’s tweets. So I say “the next web rocks”, you may retweet “RT the next web rocks” so all of your followers read it too.

picture-371 is an interesting take at the “Please RT this!” request. Essentially you visit, insert the tweet you want retweeted and inserts a link at the end of your tweet to make it easy for people to Retweet it.

So for example, you want to retweet this tweet:

TheNextWeb is getting better and better!

You visit and insert the above tweet into the field on the absolutely beautiful homepage. will request for your username and password (only once I believe) and will automatically insert a url at the end of the tweet. So it will look something like this:

TheNextWeb is getting better and better!

When anyone clicks that link, it automatically takes them to their twitter page with the RT text ready for them to retweet.


The site will then give you a unique URL to check back on the number of retweets and times that particular link has been retweeted, as so:


Update: Really nice graphics, but isn’t that the same as David Lanham ?

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