Robert Scoble, The Scobleizer, to leave Fast Company

Robert Scoble, The Scobleizer, to leave Fast Company


scoble-homeless1Blogger and tech evangelist megastar Robert Scoble (link to wikipedia entry) is leaving his full time post at

Scoble joined a year ago and has released a series of quality interviews with many a tech entrepreneur/industry leader, some of which I will list below this post. According to Arrington at Techcrunch, Scoble will continue to write a column for the company but video interviews and alike are over.

Sadly, even tech megastars, and make no mistake about it – Scoble is one – aren’t left unaffected by the downturn in the economy either. The reason behind the departure seems to be that’s sponsor Seagate have decided against renewing their contract.

Apparently Scoble has a new project on the books, which I’m going to do my best to get some info on – if it’s the last thing I do.

Scoble has become somewhat of an inspiration to myself and many other tech bloggers in the industry and have no doubts, he will be much in demand, whether recruited by another firm or if he decides to make the move from blogger to entrepreneur…


Scoble has written a post regarding the matter on his blog.

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Robert Scoble delivers his Keynote address at The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam, 4 April 2008.
Photo by Guido van Nispen”
Robert Scoble with a David Petherick QR Code T-shirt at The Next Web 2008. Photo by Guido van Nispen

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