The Food Van Phenomenon Fueled by Twitter

The Food Van Phenomenon Fueled by Twitter


Food vans are common place in most countries; whether it’s ice cream, fish & chips, sausages or soup – they each have their place, none more so than KogiBBQ.

The KogiBBQ team includes two food vans traveling up down and around Los Angeles selling a mix of Korean spicy barbecued food. The twist? To track them down you need to be following them on Twitter.


The Kogi twitter account already has over 7000 followers and respected news organisations, such as the LA Times, have already described the phenomenon as “a burgeoning cyber-hippie movement”.

Kogi BBQ have also opened a permanent home in LA but there are no signs of the two van “cyber-hippie movement” stopping any time soon.

via Springwise
Image Credit: Sklathill

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