A következő web-Magyarországon

A következő web-Magyarországon

Microsoft presentationThat title means “The Next Web in Hungary” according to Google Translate. The only other Hungarian I picked up so far is ‘köszönöm’ which means “Thank you”.

If you say it quickly it sounds like “Please don’t kiss me” in Dutch.

This event is held at the Gerbeau building which is, according to our TimeOut guide, one of the 1000 most beautiful places in the whole world.

Right now I’m staring at the stage where I will be presenting soon and can’t focus on much else. First on stage will be Ernst-Jan, our former editor at The Next Web, who has a presentation titled “Internet is the new LSD”. Then we will listen to a talk from Microsoft, who also sponsors the event and after that I will present my story on Technology, the web and why Entrepreneurs are the new Gods.

I hope to meet a lot of Entrepreneurs here and will report on them later.

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