90% of the UK will have “32Mb/sec Broadband by 2019”

90% of the UK will have “32Mb/sec Broadband by 2019”

picture-203A report from broadband research firm Point Topic claims that around 90% of UK homes will have access to 32 Mb/sec broadband by 2019, in ten years time.

“Some people say this is too little too late, but we believe that investing to deliver 2Mb/sec could provide the platform for much higher-speed broadband services in areas where it wouldn’t otherwise happen for many years,” says Tim Johnson, chief analyst at Point Topic.

Scotland appears to be one of the poorest areas of the UK in terms of connection speeds, with almost a third of people incapable of receiving a 2mb/sec connection.

“Bandwidth seems to be increasing in the same way as computer power,” Johnson says.

“According to Moore’s Law, computer processors double in speed every 18 months – bandwidth has been increasing even faster than that.

“Under these conditions we expect the combination of cable and fibre connections to dominate in the future. If the USC and other announced investment plans are carried forward there will be over one million fibre lines in the UK by 2012,” he concludes.

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