Mac Users Rejoice! We Now Have a Full Fledged Desktop Google Contact Manager!

Mac Users Rejoice! We Now Have a Full Fledged Desktop Google Contact Manager!

picture-812Forgive me if my excitement gets the better of me in sections of this post, but frankly this will make my work life (and yours) much easier – presuming you’re a Mac and Gmail user of course.

Developers Mac-Chi have released version 1.0 of an app called Googaby, initially intended to sync Google Contacts and Address Book – the app however seems powerful enough to replace address book altogether. Googaby features a plethora of features, however one of the most apparent is drag&drop functionality making merging contacts, creating groups and general usability wonderful.

One of the other major features of the app is ‘WhoPaste’ which lets you drag over contact information in any application where text is selectable (browser, an email, document) and immediately attach the info to a particular contact or create a new contact. Googaby stores the contact in Google Contacts, Address Book, or both, optionally adding the new contact to set of specified groups. Any changes made in Googabi are automatically revealed online, so no import/export/manual syncing.

You are also able to drag and drop photos as you would do in address book and they are automatically made available online or if you’re an iPhone user, there too.

A full list of features can be found here:

  • Feature highlights include:
  • One keystroke data capture with WhoPaste
  • Backup and restore Google Contacts and Groups
  • User selectable Address Book Groups, including Smart Groups, pushed to Google in the background
  • Drag-and-drop contacts and groups between different Google accounts
  • One button data loading for Address Book or Google Contacts
  • Find and Replace (optional case sensitivity)
  • Drag directly into spreadsheets (optional column headings included)
  • Hyperlinked Note field
  • Complete control over vCard data
  • Drag-and-drop contact pictures using a built-in zoom and crop tool
  • Execute AppleScripts (support for custom user scripts)
  • Fully customizable familiar iTunes-style interface

The app is available only to Mac users who use Gmail or Google Apps for a price of $24.95 and a free 10 day trial is included.

Here are a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure:



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