Keep track of your sleep with YawnLog. No Kidding.

Keep track of your sleep with YawnLog. No Kidding.

picture-30Here’s something which at first is likely to make you giggle at the remote possibility of even using such an service.

“Surely I’m not *that* geeky…” you think.

However after signing ‘up just for a laugh’, you begin to explore…

“Oooh, there’s graphs. Oh and look over there, a few other people have signed up” you say.


You then begin to think to yourself, “what’s the harm in giving it a try for a few days?” Before you know it, you’re hooked, logging in the number of hours you’ve slept every morning, describing how well you slept, tweeting about it, sharing your graphs on Friendfeed…ironically, you even begin to lose sleep over it!

Now you sit there, reading this post wondering if it may even be too risky visiting the site.

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