Director David Lynch confirms Twitter account but in bizarre fashion. [Video]

Director David Lynch confirms Twitter account but in bizarre fashion. [Video]

picture-132Another notable hollywood player has confirmed their place on Twitter, this time it’s director David Lynch and he did the deed via video. So far, nothing all that strange right? Right.

However what’s bizarre is, the director of movies including Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet managed to slip the confirmation in at the end of his daily weather report. Yes, daily weather report.

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I  was unaware of this until Duncan Riley at The Inquisitr pointed it out, but since early 2005 David Lynch has made daily weather reports about the weather in LA. We’re not sure why he takes the time to do it or what he aims to gain from it but sure enough he seems to do it (nearly) every day (!?).

You can follow him on twitter here, watch the weather reports here, the one with the Twitter mention is below:" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

While we’re at it, and although completely irrelevant to tech, I’m slipping in this video I found in related videos on YouTube.  Someone’s put together of David Lynch’s supposed reaction to Tom Cruise’s thoughts on Scientology. This is not genuine by the way but it is funny.

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