Wireless Keyboard Working with an iPhone (apparently) via Bluetooth

Wireless Keyboard Working with an iPhone (apparently) via Bluetooth

Dr. Ralf Ackermann, yes Doctor, has shared a video on his blog of the iPhone interacting with a genuine untouched wireless Apple keyboard (apparently) via Bluetooth. I say apparently because, as one commenter has pointed out, there isn’t a bluetooth icon visible on the phone itself.

The video, which can be seen below, appears to show it work pretty well but unfortunately it isn’t available for public testing (yet).

One catch however, you need to have your iPhone jailbroken.

On a personal note, frankly I’ve had my iPhone jailbroken for months now and not run into any problems whatsoever. With a jailbroken phone, I’ve managed to get (very close to) perfect copy and paste functionality thanks to Clippy as well as apps working in the background thanks to backgrounder! It’s been more than worth it.

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