Retaggr: A Quick, Slick and Easy Way to Create Your Internet Profile.

Retaggr: A Quick, Slick and Easy Way to Create Your Internet Profile.

picture-92Retaggr is no newbie, in fact we reviewed them early last year and interviewed co-founder Ivailo Jordanov later in 2008. The service launched primarily as an “online business card” service which you could embed on various sites and/or your emails as a signature. 

Retaggr’s most recent move however expands on the business card idea and allows you to create your own profile site in just a few minutes. In many respects the profile is similar to those you would see on many popular social networks, however with Retaggr it is completely in your control – this is actually your internet profile.


For anyone looking to create a professional personal site, you’re unlikely to find many better alternatives. With Retaggr, you can create a highly customized profile, with specific colors or backgrounds. A custom URL options allows you to hand out a link to your own domain such as rather than The service takes a bite out of Friendfeed with their feed aggregation service. You can import multiple blogs, tweets, Friendfeed updates and you are able link to countless web services to give visitors a good overview of where you are.

Of course you still have a plethora of options to further customize your profile such as  hiding particular sections of the page or adding sections of your own html/txt. Retaggr also provides a downloadable vcard complete with all necessary contact details.

Retaggr have sensibly decided to charge for a number of their product offerings, although at a measly $9.99 a year and a trial period – who’s complaining. You can see the premium features listed below:


Although Retaggr does offer a wonderful array of customization options, I would still like to see an improvement on their design core design elements and theme which fails in comparison to premium personal website creator TastyNectar. That said, I simply can’t recommend Retaggr highly enough. It’s ideal for both internet newbies and experienced techies alike and I have personally recommended the offering to a number of people in just the last few days.  

There are other ‘business card’ startups such as MeeID and IDlasso, whilst social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and even Twitter provide the profiles – however it is Retaggr which does a marvellous job of combining the two.

Visit the site here and set up your own profile here.

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