Tweetcc: Creative Commons for your Tweets

Tweetcc: Creative Commons for your Tweets

I was given interesting business card just the other day – it had ‘standard’ details on one side, but a tweet about the card’s owner on the other. I was reminded of this card when I came across TweetCC today, which allows you to license your tweets (they’re your intellectual property, remember) using a Creative Commons license.

tweetCC | Publish & license tweets with Creative Commons

The idea came to the founders, Andy Clarke and Brian Suda, based in well-known European tech hotspots Wales and Iceland, following a conversation on Twitter between them. Andy wanted tweets and avatars for a new book. His publisher needed him to get permissions to republish and that meant asking everyone. This was, not to put too fine a point on it, a pain. Brian agreed.

They thought: “It would be nice if twitter could allow for a CC or other license on your content, then people don’t have to ask.

So was born this morning. You can also follow @tweetcc on twitter, of course.

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