All Phones to Have the Same Charger by 2012.

All Phones to Have the Same Charger by 2012.

picture-74The European Commission are taking steps to ensure all phones have the same charger, and claiming it will happen by 2012. 

The new chargers are expected to be 50% more efficient, better for the environment and will clear approximately 51,000 tonnes of duplicates from the market.

The idea behind the move is to make life easier for the consumer and benefit the environment in the long term.  EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen has been quoted as saying his “patience was at an end” with the 30 different kinds of charger available in Europe and warned the EC would take measures if action wasn’t taken.

 Interestingly, the move will also benefit manufacturers, as it will mean lower costs and no longer being required to include phone chargers with their phones.

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