Embed Custom Maps on WordPress with UMapper

Embed Custom Maps on WordPress with UMapper

The UMapper plugin is a universal mapping platform that makes it  easy for you to create custom maps and add them on your WordPress blog posts.

You can choose a title and a description for you map, customize the markers and objects on it to suit the right sort of color, font sizes and  labels.

Wordpress plugin - UMapper

Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps, Yahoo and OpenStreet are all supported by this plugin.

Key Features :

  • Provides collaboration tools, map wiki, and social networking features (comments, ratings, etc.)
  • Switching between map providers when creating a map, and later on while editing.
  • Map Editor has HTML capabilities and allows Wikipedia and Geo Names search.
  • Integrated map editor – manipulating geographical contents to suit your site requirement.
  • Allows map distribution via embeds and widgets.
  • Allows syndication of map data using KML.

Some potential ways of using it:

  • If your blog is based on e-commerce or shopping, then you can integrate custom map(s) onto your blog posts, pointing to the retailer’s location, address and other directions.
  • If your are addressing about an event, public meeting or gathering on your site then you can indicate its details by using custom objects and markers on the map.

UMapper is certainly a stand out plugin to aid your  visitors with appropriate directions on the custom map based on your subject of interest, making your blog posts more lively and interactive.

Download UMapper WordPress Plugin

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