Microsoft to Open Retail Stores. What will they sell?

Microsoft to Open Retail Stores. What will they sell?

microsoft-store2PC fans now have a place to spend their hard earned money on their way back home from the office. Microsoft have announced that they will be opening their own line of retail stores.

In 2001, Microsoft did open a store in San Francisco which closed by the end of that same year. This time round, the company have hired David Porter, a 25 year Wal-Mart executive, to lead the effort which will begin with a few smaller stores. 

Apple began its retail push in 2001 and now has more than 200 locations in several countries. Microsoft’s venture into the market comes as Apple has begun to slow its retail store expansion.

I wonder what the company plans to sell precisely, will it be XBoxes and Zunes plus software? Ready built machines? Repairs? All of the above?

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