Imagine there’s no Google (Part 2): The Alternatives

Imagine there’s no Google (Part 2): The Alternatives

Last week, David Petherick addressed the first part of this unimaginative occurrence in “Imagine There’s No Google Part 1”. There he listed virtually every single Google service, the majority of which are completely free – the list is endless.

In this piece I had the pleasure of scouring the web for the best alternatives to each of Google Services, no easy task, however I was pleasantly surprised to find (nearly) ever offering had a close substitute.

Undoubtedly I will have missed a few and therefore will need your help, so please just leave any other alternative services you may think of in the comments and I’ll ensure I add them to the relevant section.


Google Mail
Yahoo Mail, Zimbra, Hotmail, zenbe, Mobileme,

Google Calendar
Backpack, Deadline, Mobileme, Toodledo, Yahoo Calendar, Zimbra, Tungle, presdo, jiffle, diarised

Google Docs
Zoho , Acrobat, thinkfree

Flickr, Zooomr,

Google Reader, friendfeed, streamy, bloglines, newsgator

Google Friend Connect
Facebook Connect (or TwitterRemote? ;-)


Google Adsense

AdBrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, Chitika, AdToll, Exit Junction, Yahoo Publisher Network, Target Point, Fastclick, ClickThruTraffic

Google Knol
Wikipedia, Answerbag, Mahalo

Google Alerts
Backtype, Yotify, Trackle

Google Analytics
Woopra, Clicky

Google News
BBC, Yahoo News, NewsNow

Facebook, Myspace

Google Talk
Skype, aim, msn

Google Maps
Live Search Maps

Google Checkout
Digital River, 2Checkout, Alertpay, Trialpay, Paypal,

Google Blog Search
trendpedia, feedster, icerocket, sphere,

Google Chrome
Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera,

Google Finance
Yahoo Finance, bloomberg,

Google Groups
Yahoo Groups, onehub, Tangler

Google Translate
Babel Fish, Nice Translator, Frengly, Jollo, Lingoz,

Google App Engine
Microsoft Azure, Mosso, Cohesiveft

Vimeo, Viddler, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, Revver,

Google Search
chacha, faroo, kosmix, quintura, yahoo search, live search, twitter search, dogpile, cuil, Duck Duck Go

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