Simply the Slickest Way to Share Links on Twitter

Simply the Slickest Way to Share Links on Twitter

picture-221Twitlet is an awesome little app which provides you with a neat little bookmarklet letting you share links or simply tweet in a matter of seconds…milliseconds even.

Sure, there are other ones out there but the reason why this is the best of the bunch?

a) It’s super fast to set up and super fast to use.

b) No need to put in your twitter login details every time you want to share something. (Note: Although I would only install this bookmarklet on your own computer otherwise anyone will be able to tweet into your account as the boomarklet stores your account login details)

c) They’ve added a couple of awesome shortcut words for when you do want to share a link. All you need to do is type “Checking out an awesome tool #link” and the link will automatically be inserted into your tweet converted into a short URL.

Try it out.

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